Friday, December 2, 2011

BSBCRT501A - Packaging

My original concept was to create something out of lego. I initially wanted to create either a Jersey Shore  or Kardashian theme. When trying to resource lego pieces, I found it very extremely difficult to do so. Everyone I asked who had children said that they would not want to take their lego pieces apart or they did not want to lend it out for a long period of time. I looked into buying lego but decided against it as it was expensive and I would never use it again.

I thought about what I could come up with a decided to create a jewellery box, in which a child could create themselves by painting a decorating.
I looked into creating a paint and mold jewellery box, but found that Chi-Luen had already created this. I then decided that I would buy an already made jewellery box from Riot and then paint and decorate it.

I always had the idea that I wanted to "bedazzle the box. It was not until later in the creation process that I decided to create a Hello Kitty themed Jewellery box.
My idea behind Hello Kitty was that it adds value to the product as it is a designer brand that is known all over the world and any child that is creative and likes Hello Kitty would love to create something like this. Not only would children like this but also teenagers or anyone who collected Hello Kitty products.

My product was targeted to children from 8 -16 but is not restricted to this age. I created the product to be bright, bold and fun to attract this age group.
The set includes 3 coloured paints so that children can select purple, pink or blue to paint their jewellery box and was not limited to just pink.

The packaging lists all material that comes with the set and shows pictures of the before and after of the product.
All photography on packaging was shot under studio lighting and Post production was done using Photoshop.

This is the completed package;

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NSWTGDES502A- Develop a graphic design portfolio

NSWTGDES502A- Develop a graphic design portfolio

1. Find a job advertisement for a creative career that you would like to have in the next five years. Post a hyperlink or image of the advertisement on your blog

I found this advertisement on 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Portfolio Ideas

1. In class we were asked to come up with some portfolio case options and post on our blog the cases we considered using and highlight your chosen stlye and how you purchase or create it. 
These are the styles I have seen and like the look of ....

I think to begin with I will start with a 14"x17" standard presentation case from the art supply store in town, but would eventually like to create a A3 book of my work using Indesign and then get it professionally printed.

Option 1 - 
14"x17" Premium Leather Presentation Case 

Option 2- 
17"x14" Aluminum Screwpost Portfolio Book

Option 3- 
Book Portfolio

Other Sources for portfolio information


2. Our next task was to post of portfolio pieces we intend to include and what text will accompany each...

3. We were then asked to post our freelance identity


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is CSS - Liams Class

In Class we has to read the following article and answer the questions-

  1. How do you set the background colour of your website? 
  2. How do you set a background image and repeat it horizontally?
  3. How do you set the font size of all paragraphs to be 14px?
  4. How do you underline text?
  5. What is a pseudo-class?
  6. How do you set the colour of all links on your website to be red?
  7. How do you set the roll-over colour of all links to be orange?
  8. What is the Box Model?
  9. What are the two ways we can increase space around content?
  10. What is the purpose of a 'div' tag?
  11. When is a 'class' more appropriate to use than an 'id'?
  12. What is a floating element and when is it useful?


1. To set the background colour of the website the code used is body {background-color: #FF0000;}
2. The value to repeat the image horizontally is background-repeat: repeat-x an example of what this would like like in code would be  body {
  background-color: #FFCC66;
  background-image: url("butterfly.gif");
  background-repeat: no-repeat;

 h1 {
  color: #990000;
  background-color: #FC9804;
3. To set the font size to 14px on all paragrphs you would use the value 
h2 {font-size: 12pt;}
4. to underline text use the value h1 { text-decoration:underline;}
5. A pseudo-class allows you to take into account different conditions or events when defining a property for an HTML tag.
6. To change all links to red you would use the following tags - 
a { color:red; }
7. to change the link to be orange when you roll over a link you set the following values;
a:hover { color: orange; font-style: italic}
8 . A box model is the boxes which are created for HTML elements. It also contains options for adjusting margin, border, padding and content or each element
9. two ways to increase space around conext is by using margins and padding to. To change the value of space using margin values use the following;
body { margin: 100px 40 px 10 px 70px; }
to change the padding use the flowing:
padding: 20px 20px 20px 80px;
10. A div tag is used to group one or more block-level elements.
11. What is special about the attribute id is that there can not be two elements in the same document with the same id. Each id has to be unique. In other cases, you should use the class attribute instead*
12.  a floating element is when a box with its contents either floats to the right or to the left in a document this option is useful when you would want text to wrap around an image.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Semester 2. Week 1 - Portfolio Content & Website Revision

Semester 2. Week 1 - Portfolio Content & Website Revision

Exercise #1 - Visit and find 3 jobs that you would like to hold in the next ten years.
  • What are the mandatory portfolio requirements of the job?
  • What skills/experience does the job require?
  • What portfolio pieces do you have that would be appropriate for this position?
  • Would a digital or print portfolio be best suited for this position?  Both?

Graphic Designer/Marketing Coordinator - Hurley

  • Does not specify portfolio but does expect CV
  • You will be creative, possess exceptional attention to detail, strong organisational skills, and have the ability to juggle multiple projects and meet tight deadlines.

    Excellent skills in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat are essential.
  • Although it is not upload yet, I have a banner that I did with Equip while I was on work Experience in Sydney as job requirements are designing retail signage. Portfolio would need updating.
  • I think a digital to apply for the job and and print if going for an interview

Graphic Designer to manage web and print design.The Ark Clothing Company

  • For this job application you need to attach a minimum of four relevant examples of work with application.
  • Skills/experience for this job include, prior studio experience,  Ability in the adobe creative suits and microsoft office is essential; flash and HTML skills are an advantage.Strong self starter with great interpersonal skills to work in a small, collaborative, all female environment. Sense of humour is an asset
  • My illustration pieces in my portfolio could possibly relate to this job depending on marketing. Portfolio would need updating.
  • Both


  • Mandatory design requirements for this job include CV
  • skills needed include, adobe suite, mac skills, various marketing collateral, tertiary qualifications in graphic/print and web design essential, fluent in all production procedures. technical skills, design integrity, communication and planning skills are critical ingredients which you must posses.
  • possible portfolio pieces may need to be updated, some pieces may apply to this job such as illustrations
  • both

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Book Cover Designs

TASK: Post JPGS of the finished covers to your blog and explain clearly how your design and typography fits the style you are designing for. Make sure you explain this compehensively using standard Graphi Design and Typographuc terminology where applicable.


In the catcher in the Rye Holden escapes to the world of New York, throughout the novel there are many flashbacks to his childhood and other events in his past. The story does not seem to have a traditional beginning middle and end. The novel jumps backward and forwards to significant episodes in Holden’s past and present life. The cover represents this theme of motion and confusing going on in Holdens’ life.
In the design I wanted to convey the act of motion, I believe I have done this by using layers upon layers of text in the font Viva with the back text blurred to emphasise movement.
The typeface Viva gives the background an original look and empathises movement by the typeface itself with various lines throughout each letter. 
I decided to use a contemporary typeface for the title and author, as I did not want to show the dynamic typeface through these elements, as I would ruin the look and feel of my design. The type I choose for this was Futura as it was a strong contemporary font that would compliment Viva.

In the novel the catcher and the rye Holden refers to the ducks and where to fly away to in winter this symbolises Holdens innocence and insecurities of the world. I have used silhouette shapes of ducks flying on the front cover to represent this theme in the book.
When researching the meaning of this term I found classic meant ‘over a period of time has become the highest quality and outstanding of its kind/of a simple elegant style not greatly subject to changes in faction’ ( I also looked at several novels from the past and present. I decided that I wanted something very simple plain and elegant to represent this style.
I read through the book “Just my Type, by Simon Garfield” which suggested Bembo, Bondi and Garamond are the most common classic typefaces. For my book cover design I played with these typefaces and found Garamond was the best typeface that suited my design.

The catcher in the Rye is a Modern twentieth century novel, although it has many links with Western civilisation the central idea of the novel is that the main character is on a journey. Holden’s journey does not involve the traditional sleighing of dragons or rescuing the princess, Holden’s journey is to find his innocence and sense of moral values.
“He Is not like a traditional hero but rather an anti-hero, a type of character commonly found in twentieth-century fiction” (York Notes, The Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger)
For the design cover I have used a modern colour combination, which seems to be popular in this day and age. I found it quite hard to allocate a particular ‘modern’ style as I believe every body uses styles from every era with a twist to it. But found that mixed media and bright colours seemed to be a trend of today. This is why I chose to find a tutorial and follow it to come up with a modern image of something that designers would use today.
I have used the rule of thirds to create my design and the type I have used is called Eurofurence light as when researching modern typefaces I found that this style was common for modern styles. I found that there was some outlandish fonts but also a lot of contemporary typefaces where used as well for modern design I think that this typeface had both. I found this font on in modern themes.


The Catcher in the Rye sets the novel in a real city with recognisable landmarks and building which adds to the sense of realism and as a reader when can track Holden’s steps and feel as though we are there with him. My book cover relates to the novel as the abstract shape represents the streets of New York City
When researching retro artworks and designs I found a lot of tutorials on retro design. This is a tutorial I found that would be perfect for my design Because the design was very outlandish I wanted to create a typeface that had retro characteristics but also was not also highly outlandish I found the typeface “bellerose” from and believe my design interacts perfectly using Hierarchy to direct the viewers eye in order of preference.


Throughout the novel Holden jumps back and forth from central park, which is the only place where Holden fins some moments of happiness. It is in the park that he finally has a moment of true happiness when he sees his sister riding the carrousel. In a way the park is a metaphor for the wide-open spaces to which Holden dreams of running away (York Notes, The Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger)
The cover design represents the theme monotone as it is of a singular colour in both the image and the type.
I have used the type Times to represent strength and firmness and to base it clearly show the changing colour of the black and white.


When the Catcher in the Rye was release in America in 1951 it caused instant constroversy of its bad language and the shocking nature of some of the schenes. Although today this type of novel is quite normal and would not be looked at twice for these schenes in the time it was created it was some of the “future”.
I have used a background of spaceage beams and colours to represent the novel. I found this tutorial, which I thought, would work perfectly to get the look I was looking for.
The typeface I have used to convey the message of a Futuristic theme was Blue Island, which successfully balances readability with intriguing decorative forms. 

The catcher in the Rye uses the ducks as a metaphor for the immaturity and innocence of the character Holden. I have used an image of ducks on the lake to convey this message shown in the novel. The image is passive as it uses soft colours and is shown in a peaceful pond.
For the book cover design I have used a passive colour combination as well as using the purist of colours, which is “white” for the typeface. I used the typeface Jane Austen to represent a calm, soft script font to show the passive theme, I then used a simple classy font (futura) for the authors name to complement the script font and balance the design.

The Catcher in the Rye deals with teenage rebellion and how Holden sees false values in the society around him.
I have used a silhouette of New York City to represent the aggression in Holden’s life, as the novel is set in New York City in which Holden finds a frightening place full of shallow people that Holden describes as “phonies”.  To Holden New York City represents the bad in the world as he sees as an aggressive and corrupt place. We see Holden rebel against some of the social attributes and values.
I have used the colour red to represent associated with authority and anger. The colour red also represents Holden’s rebellion against some of the social attributes and values. We cam see a sign of this by Holden wearing his red hunting hat, as red was associated with communism.
 The aggression shown through the cover, as in the Western world we associate red for authority and anger.
I have used Aggressive angry baby killer for the type as the abrupt changes in the stroke, pointed stroke ends and changing slant direction represent the aggressive nature of the font.

The characteristic if Grunge design is dirty stains, torn images and broken icons and creased pieces of paper. I believe this relates to Holden and his journey throughout  the novel and his emotion breakdown and struggle into adulthood.
I have tried to convey this message through the use of splatter, dots and colours. The silhouette on the cover represents holden, slummed and looking to the ground.  
I have used the typeface A bite from the grunge theme in I did play with several typefaces bout found this most effect with my design and how I wanted to convey the book. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The design Solution

My design concept was to represent Fitness 4 Women in a way that was completely different to the previous business Contours, I believe I have done this through the design with the use of colour, type and imagery.
I have used a strong typeface to represent that Fitness 4 Women is serious about being healthy, fit and loosing weight, but it still showcases a feminine approach through the colour and imagery.
The colour is welcoming and represents a soft female friendly environment where women can feel safe and not feel intimidated.
The shape represents the womanly curves of the female body, showing potential clients straight away that this is a female facility.
I believe my logo concept will attract new clients to Fitness 4 Women as it is strong, inviting, modern and feminine.