Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Semester 2. Week 1 - Portfolio Content & Website Revision

Semester 2. Week 1 - Portfolio Content & Website Revision

Exercise #1 - Visit and find 3 jobs that you would like to hold in the next ten years.
  • What are the mandatory portfolio requirements of the job?
  • What skills/experience does the job require?
  • What portfolio pieces do you have that would be appropriate for this position?
  • Would a digital or print portfolio be best suited for this position?  Both?

Graphic Designer/Marketing Coordinator - Hurley

  • Does not specify portfolio but does expect CV
  • You will be creative, possess exceptional attention to detail, strong organisational skills, and have the ability to juggle multiple projects and meet tight deadlines.

    Excellent skills in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat are essential.
  • Although it is not upload yet, I have a banner that I did with Equip while I was on work Experience in Sydney as job requirements are designing retail signage. Portfolio would need updating.
  • I think a digital to apply for the job and and print if going for an interview

Graphic Designer to manage web and print design.The Ark Clothing Company

  • For this job application you need to attach a minimum of four relevant examples of work with application.
  • Skills/experience for this job include, prior studio experience,  Ability in the adobe creative suits and microsoft office is essential; flash and HTML skills are an advantage.Strong self starter with great interpersonal skills to work in a small, collaborative, all female environment. Sense of humour is an asset
  • My illustration pieces in my portfolio could possibly relate to this job depending on marketing. Portfolio would need updating.
  • Both


  • Mandatory design requirements for this job include CV
  • skills needed include, adobe suite, mac skills, various marketing collateral, tertiary qualifications in graphic/print and web design essential, fluent in all production procedures. technical skills, design integrity, communication and planning skills are critical ingredients which you must posses.
  • possible portfolio pieces may need to be updated, some pieces may apply to this job such as illustrations
  • both

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