Friday, December 2, 2011

BSBCRT501A - Packaging

My original concept was to create something out of lego. I initially wanted to create either a Jersey Shore  or Kardashian theme. When trying to resource lego pieces, I found it very extremely difficult to do so. Everyone I asked who had children said that they would not want to take their lego pieces apart or they did not want to lend it out for a long period of time. I looked into buying lego but decided against it as it was expensive and I would never use it again.

I thought about what I could come up with a decided to create a jewellery box, in which a child could create themselves by painting a decorating.
I looked into creating a paint and mold jewellery box, but found that Chi-Luen had already created this. I then decided that I would buy an already made jewellery box from Riot and then paint and decorate it.

I always had the idea that I wanted to "bedazzle the box. It was not until later in the creation process that I decided to create a Hello Kitty themed Jewellery box.
My idea behind Hello Kitty was that it adds value to the product as it is a designer brand that is known all over the world and any child that is creative and likes Hello Kitty would love to create something like this. Not only would children like this but also teenagers or anyone who collected Hello Kitty products.

My product was targeted to children from 8 -16 but is not restricted to this age. I created the product to be bright, bold and fun to attract this age group.
The set includes 3 coloured paints so that children can select purple, pink or blue to paint their jewellery box and was not limited to just pink.

The packaging lists all material that comes with the set and shows pictures of the before and after of the product.
All photography on packaging was shot under studio lighting and Post production was done using Photoshop.

This is the completed package;

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