Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Portfolio Ideas

1. In class we were asked to come up with some portfolio case options and post on our blog the cases we considered using and highlight your chosen stlye and how you purchase or create it. 
These are the styles I have seen and like the look of ....

I think to begin with I will start with a 14"x17" standard presentation case from the art supply store in town, but would eventually like to create a A3 book of my work using Indesign and then get it professionally printed.

Option 1 - 
14"x17" Premium Leather Presentation Case 

Option 2- 
17"x14" Aluminum Screwpost Portfolio Book

Option 3- 
Book Portfolio

Other Sources for portfolio information


2. Our next task was to post of portfolio pieces we intend to include and what text will accompany each...

3. We were then asked to post our freelance identity


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